Pousse mousse - Short film

Pousse mousse - Short film

Nicolas FIMBEL
by fimbelus on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Short film realised for the end of my 3rd year. It's a work made with Jiaming Feng ; Marion Métivier ; Chloé Laffaire ; Margot Busnel. Here, you have my part of the work on this project

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Project for the end of my 3rd year at ESMA, co-director of a very short movie. 

The goal of this work it was to create a short movie  of 30 seconds  with for subject the sentence imposed : "forget you've got no chance, go for it" ("Oublie que t'as aucune chance, vas-y fonce"). It's a catchphrase of a french movie "Les bronzés font du ski")

I was in charge : Fx environement : Foam / Logo Esma Bubble 

Texturing / Modeling : Bathroom Wall / Bularno character

Texturing : Water

Thanks at the "Pousse Mousse" team for the achievement of this project.

ESMA logo : FX / Surfacing

Foam : procedural modeling / FX

Bularno : Modeling / Surfacing/ Texturing/ Lookdev/

Compositing Shot 05

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