Concept Art & Visual Development

Concept Art & Visual Development

Inès Rotzinger
by Ourka on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

First time participating to the Rookies! I hope you will enjoy my artworks done between 2020 and 2021!

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Teapot House

There's my last project, a personal project about a small teapot house with some hens. I will try to develop this universe with different illustrations, concepts, etc.
I really love fantasy artworks and I didn't do an environment illustration for a while, I tried some different stuffs to improve my workflow. And I did a UI too! It was my first time, it was super fun to do it.

Initial illustration/sketch, I liked the idea, but I though the composition was... meh...


I've wanted to design a vehicle for a pretty long time (and... watching Mutafukaz, playing Cyberpunk was really inspiring) and I finally did! I rarely draw mechanical objects so I'm pretty happy of the result. At the beginning, I wanted to draw a spaceship, something more "casual", then I got the idea to design a flying vespa! (I really love vespa in fact. I love "vintage" vehicles in general).

I used a 3D props that I did for the exercice to practice my workflow with 3D and photobashing/paintover. And I was inspired by the workflow of Elodie Mondoloni too!

A sword that I designed during a workshop with Elodie Mondoloni!

I chose a Japanese theme, more specifically about the mythological creature "Kirin".

My end-of-year school project, I'd to do few concepts art, then a sculpt and a 3D scene.

There's the part about the main character, Aimee.

I was super inspired by Darksider Genesis' art (because I had got the art book at the moment I started the project), I really liked the art style of these concept arts!
The story for the curious one:

Aimee L. Rosemary lives in a big town, in a mysterious fantasy world. She is a young bookseller working hard in a pretty library, selling her favorite books, advising clients, organizing events, etc. She also manages a little workshop where she can express her creativity. In short, she has a good life.

Suddenly a big crack appears in the center of the town and a terrible creatures looking like strange aliens come out of this peculiar hole.

Alfred, a little floating strange alien-like creature, goes into Aimee's workshop where the two of them meet. That's where their adventure begins.

There's the part about a little creature, Alfred!

There's the part about the environment. It was one of the first time that I do a interior like this, I really liked to work on it. I used Maya (and Arnold) to do the blockout!

Animals and creatures

Bunch of little RPG pigeons! (or... RPiGeons!)

I would love to do some others, or maybe an illustration of those little pigeons, in an epic fight or in a relaxing time in the tavern.

Inspired by the artstyle of Alexandre Diboine, it was a really nice exercise for me because I don't usually do lineart, and I was quite satisfied to do this one.

I wanted to design a merge between a cat and a rooster and... Tadah! A cute "Rooscat".


And to finish, some various artworks that I did, for school or for me, studies and a DTIYS (the dragon, designed by the artist Chane_Art!)

Thank you for watching my entry!

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