Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons

Emily K Bensted
by emilykbensted on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Character design portfolio based on the brief Angels Vs. Demons, for which I decided to explore different natural biomes and forces of nature to inspire the character designs

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For my entry to the 2021 Rookies contest, I will be including my Character Design portfolio that was created in accordance with the design brief "Angels and Demons". Featured are four character designs (two angels and two demons) that are based around the theme of "Forces of Nature", and so include ocean, garden, swamp and rockpool themed characters.

The first character design is an ocean angel with a seashell "halo" and fin "wings"

Initial idea generation thumbnails and exploration of small body types with round shape language

First draft of colour scheme

The second character design is a demon, in this case a rockpool-dwelling sea witch with a seashell club

Some traditional (rather than digital) thumbnail sketching and idea generation, playing with the contrast of spiky, angular shape language with a large body type

The third character design is a floral garden-themed angel with a lily trumpet

Initial idea generation sketches for the floral angel, exploring costuming ideas as well as ways of incorporating elements of a nature theme into traditionally angelic features such as wings and a halo

Final character design, this time a swamp demon that is partly human and partly lizard or crocodile inspired

My initial concept for this character was a warlock or shaman whose patron is the swamp demon, however I decided to make that character more monstrous and otherworldly to communicate his demonic nature

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