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New3dge Concept Work 2020/2021

New3dge Concept Work 2020/2021

Bas van Breukelen
by BasvBreukelen on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Junior concept artist currently following a 2 year concept art program at New3dge

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My first year at New3dge is coming to an end and here are the projects I worked on with amazing teachers from the industry all around the world. I'm thankful for them helping me on my journey and providing me with the knowledge I need! 

It has been a year of blood sweat and tears but I'm really excited for the second year to work on my design skills! Hope you'll enjoy watching!

To kick off, here are some different character concepts I made over the years

Exploring different moods and stories within a single frame, made together with Etienne Hebinger

The Diver Shop,
My first environment with Jad Saber which was very fun to make


Sci-fi South-Africa exploration with new styles and techniques during a course with Jad Saber

A Time Gone

Made during a Blender course with my fellow dutchman Danar Worya who taught me a lot of the concept process like they have on The Last of Us which was very inspiring

To expand on the story of this image I also made a version which shows the group before disaster hit, I really enjoy storytelling in images and is something I would like to pursue in my career too!

Here are some studies I did with Lucile Meunier and Ulysse Verhasselt. Exploring composition and technique

And here are some other projects I made throughout the year which focus on learning different processes and techniques

To end my contest here's a little teaser of what to expect from next year, thanks for watching!

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