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Colin Mugur - 3D Artist Entry

Colin Mugur - 3D Artist Entry

Mugur-Eugen Colin
by mugur on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello everyone, I am Mugur Colin! Welcome to my Rookies entry!

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Here is my latest work since the last semester of my Batchelor's at Digital Arts and Entertainment. This is my graduation year and the following are my last pieces for my portfolio.

"Alpha Demon"

For this first one, I was really interested in pushing my sculpting skills and not worrying about any other pipeline processes. This gave me way more time to work on it, and I learned many new ways of translating shapes from a concept into a digital sculpture. 

The concept was done by: Joe Madureira

"The Executioner's Voice"

Here is my latest game-ready prop that I made after work hours. I really liked this concept and I knew I can use it to make something in my preferred style. I wanted to land somewhere in between Darksiders and Overwatch. 

Polycount: ~2900 Tris

The concept was done by: Hui Zou

"The Path of the Forsaken"

This last piece was made with the props and materials I made during a group project. After the game was finished, I took the time to build this small stylized scene with only the things I made. 

Here are the assets one next to the other:


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