Concept Art - Georgia Brandwood

Concept Art - Georgia Brandwood

Georgia Brandwood
by georgiabrandwood on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi! I'm a current student at CDW Studios / Flinder's University. Here's some of the artwork that I've completed earlier this year.

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The Structure

A collaborative project based on a written piece from Sean Williams, detailing a science fiction underground labyrinth. I chose to design the Terminus, dedicated to the protection of The Structure...

The Herbalist

A project for university, where I designed a gentle, giant herbalist who travels through a fantasy realm, collecting herbs and befriending animals. 

"Strawberry Jam Sandwiches"

Strawberry jam sandwiches is an individual 2D animation project for university. The story is based on two best friends, a corgi, and a bear, whose adventures are cut short when they're suddenly separated.

While this project isn't completed, here are some assets I've made in preparation.  


A few pages of my storyboard!


A couple of the backgrounds I've done so far. As I am still in the pre-production phase, I've only done a few of the backgrounds. 

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