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SwordsMan & Restart-3D Character animation

SwordsMan & Restart-3D Character animation

Liwen Wang
by LiwenWang on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi, it's my first time doing a full character design and animation by myself. Hope you like them.

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Here are two kinds of work that I do in 2021.

The first one is character building for individual practice and the second is a short 3D animation for my BA Digital media design degree project.

All these works were inspired by the current situation(Great attack by COVID) and based on ancient Chinese elements. 

Character building

I called my first work Swords Man. 

It's my first character-building project. I used Cinema 4d for model building(I build all upper body by myself and use the lower body of the model in the software), online rigging web Mixamo for character rigging, Marvelous Designer for clothing making, Substance painter for material making.

Background: In 2020, the whole world suffers from COVID-19. I have seen many touching stories, such as First-line doctors are desperate to treat others without asking for anything in return. This reminds me of the swordsman, who also helps others without leaving their names.

I take the cyborg as the main core and add some ancient Chinese costume elements to form the whole character. Then the character appeared.

I created three kinds of clothes.

Add plum blossom on clothes. The plum blossom is a symbol of uniqueness and strength in China. Which means be strong.

Some break down





I called this short animation Restart. Inspired by the current epidemic situation.

I modified the overall material and part of the model of the Swordsman. Then put it into a short animation.

Animation background:

High-tech development, artificial intelligence emerges, and the entire world is controlled by machinery and high-tech information technology. Human beings can stay old because they can choose to replace their exhausted organs with mechanical cores that can be continuously updated to achieve "longevity".

But the price of this kind of “longevity” is the decline in resistance to the virus. Although there is still immunity, the immune efficacy is significantly reduced.

This short 3d animation will tell the story of a bar owner after hearing the sound of a wind bell and re-energizing and starting a business. Finally, the whole city lights up(restart) again.


All the work were rendered by Octane.

Thank you for your watching

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