Giant's End Village

Giant's End Village

Vincent Barbe
by VincentBarbe on 29 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A world ruled by Giants, one day they fell, tearing the earth appart, creating a world with floating islands and Seas of clouds. People started to live on those islands and built their community around the Giants, using their remains.

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Hello there !
Here is my Giant's End Village scene.
Hope you'll like it.

I had in mind a small village built around the Giant's Sword, using his parts to create new technologies, some floating islands with other villages on it.
A fantasy world mixed with a Ghibli style and a bit of Steampunk vibes.

I made this scene at Artside while studing Environment Art.
I always wanted to make a Ghibli style environment as I'm a big fan and tried to mix this style with my universe.
It was a tough work but I did my best to make someting that I could be proud of.

I loved to work on this scene, learned a lot, and finally achived my goal.

Here you can see some sculpt I made fo my scene.

The full process of my scene.

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