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ShellShock Video Game Thesis

ShellShock Video Game Thesis

Artemiy Bulgakov
by abulgako on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

ShellShock is a semi procedurally generated game which is set against the backdrop of World War 1. You play as the only survival after a battle. Concussed, wounded and frozen you search for shots of morphine to subdue the pain, forget about the horrors of war while confronting shadowy visions of fallen comrades.

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Latest in-engine trailer accompanied by a cover of Pete Seeger's "Snow Snow" 

Each trench is generated through a construction script algorithm inspired by the work of Clinton Crumpler and drawn along a spline for later tweaking and reshaping.

An example of some of the trenches that can be generated with a base pass by the script.

Each spline can be disassembled to cater for specific scenarios and one-off assets.

Trenches are then filled with modular soldiers gear/pose of which can be random.

Each scene greatly benefits from specific assets and attention to detail on top of proceduralization as no algorithm will be able to create truly unique scenarios.

A progress shot for one of the vistas including modular randomized soldiers.

A dreamscape train station to which the protagonist is transported when under influence of morphine, exhausted and/or gassed.

The game's antagonist/companion to the main character whose ghostly presence haunts players in the trenches. Voiced by the incredibly talented Jake "The Voice" Parr

Early concept explorations of dreamscape scene and the antagonist.

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