Adrien Dussaud CG Generalist  Entry

Adrien Dussaud CG Generalist Entry

Adrien Dussaud
by adriendussaud on 29 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello:) My name is Adrien Dussaud , I'm a 3D student at ESMA , I post here the best of my works I did this year!

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This is the "Fa├žade" project, I did it for school, we had to create a place where a  character could live.

We also had to create two bright atmosphere ( by day/ night) but because I love compositing I did a winter version of the day one in nuke.

This is the "Fur Ball" project, I did it as a school project, it was the first time I used X-Gen, I have been inspired by a picture of  my Flate Mate's cat. 

The first character that I did for school, this project was realy important to me because I learned a lot,  it was the firts time I sculpted on a model,  also the first time I used mash to creat sand and bushes

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