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Project: Myths & Legend's - Arthurs World

Project: Myths & Legend's - Arthurs World

Keir Darragh Render
by dravenarts95 on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Arthur’s World which is based on the idea of a parallel Arthurian earth in the Saxon era, where crude advanced technology developed alongside magic. On this earth King Arthur is more of a historical king, not merely a shadowy figure of a myth.

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Over this project I primarily focused upon Characters/Outfits along with Prop & Asset designs with 3D paint overs, as these to areas of concept art interested me the most, prop and asset design especially. The process I have been perfecting for the past year, I'm using to create and perfect the majority of my work was the use of matte painting using image packs from artists on ArtStation and royalty free imagery as the bases for my work.


Ancelyn - The main character in this world. I wanted to create a strong female lead that's visually interesting and stands out in the world. The renders of her outfits are three alternative outfits at different stages of the game, each having a unique element that the other outfits doesn't have.

Merlin - The Mysterious character of the world that acts as a means for the player to upgrade, sell, and purchase items, along with this they act as a quest giver and a supporting character to the player. I kept the mysterious elements with the character by taking inspiration from Gandalf, the legend version of Merin, and the Merchant from RE4, by keeping certain elements of both and applying it to my designs.

Morgaine - The main antagonist of the world, who rose to power after the battle of Camlann after wounding Arthur and defeating his armies. The main element I wanted to show is the power of the character, by applying a lot of illuminated energy leaving her hands and eyes. this is one of the few characters I applied crude bionics to the anatomy, as I thought I would be a interesting visual narrative to the backstory

The model sheets for all of these characters, even though they are photo heavy, I wanted to use the model sheet as a call out sheet as well, hence why I kept a lot of the textures and keeping details in from the original reference images from packs i brought from Satine Zillah & Gregory Pedzinski on ArtStation, I did this because I wanted have a equal balance of textures and to be able to communicate my idea to the 3D modeller for example.

Enemy Knights 

With these designs I aimed to create 3 types of soldiers that the player can find out in the world, such as: The Berserker, The Heavy, and Battle Droids. To start the Heavy soldier I aimed for the look of wearing heavy armour that covers 90% of their body for added strength/toughness allowing for which allows for slow and deadlier attacks with their selected weapon. With the Berserker I aimed for a strong body build, and allowing greater strength and agility, allowing to withstand damage and reflect it back onto the players avatar quicker, with the use of potions the Berserkers health bar can increase which added special attacks it'll be a force to be reckoned with, along with this the Enemy controls a group of droids that can assist him in combat. The droids on the other hand are crudely built automations powered by magical essence, but they have little armour and health but they are agile and deadly under the control of the Berserker, they can be found throughout the map/districts.

Character Painting 

This is a character painting of Morgaine, in this piece I wanted to gain a composition that shows her power and her evil personality, along with attempting to add some narrative into the scene such as the head of the main character in the purple flame, as i thought i would add a watching from the shadows feel to the character.

Prop & Asset design 

Backpack - The backpack originally came from the Merlin character/outfit design, and I wanted to rework into the design and improve upon certain elements and ideas to show off the design better and to fit the character better, as its a element inspired by the Merchant From RE4, I wanted to impose a largish backpack to carry his wears and to add a traveller feeling to the design. Along with this to make the prop more readable to the modeller to build and render.

Book Pouch - The Pouch originally came from the Merlin character/outfit design again, as the original design isn't visibly clear to the viewer and I wanted to redesign the element and improve upon the idea, to make the prop more readable to the modeller and to fit the character better

Vile - The design of the vile was just a extra element I worked on along with the many other elements and iterations I created  over the period of the project. along with this i wanted to create a general asset or prop of a vile/potion bottle that's finable and useable in the world that would add new powers to the players skill tree 

3D Models

Some general block outs and renders of my designs and some modelling experiment such as using the Arnold function with silk to create a pillow. These are created so I am able to push them through Maya to apply base textures and create paint overs with better details and textures 

Block Outs & Paint Overs 

With these elements, i used what i learnt from the previous results with rendering, colour and lighting, to create near perfect renders of my models/designs with paint overs of my 3D models. All of my results were varied, but the three most notable outcomes were the map, oil lamp, and the hand cannon each result was came from a different method of rendering from painting over model, matte painting in textures, and applying my concept straight to the model and adjusting  the design to match. The hand cannon was the most ambitious paint over/ rendering of my concept because it was a challenge to get the depth of detail on angled piece, which I feel I succeeded in on some level

Grenade Focus 

From the iterations I managed to create, one of the most visually interesting outcomes I had was a knights steampunk esc stick grenade, which does fit the aesthetic of the simulation concept I have in mind. As it was a simplistic design it took me little time to quickly block out the design in Maya and Arnold and allowed me to render out my concept more clearly and add deeper details. Due to the complex design i had to create a How it Works sheet to demonstrate to the coder/animator/ or modeller, from a technical and a ergonomic side of view 

Weapon Designs 

Weapon Render Sheets - A compiled list of rendered designs for both long and bladed weapon designs taken from the iteration phase Using reference from artist packs on ArtStation by Joi Rudin, & Nomad Photo Reference, Whilst rendering I kept a equal balance textures and paint allowed mw to improve and adapt certain designs to gain a more ergonomic design approach along with making them more visually interesting, whist keeping to the crude nature of the designs and making them more readable towards the viewer.  

Model Sheets - Four of my weapon prop designs i managed to transform into model sheets which are a higher level of detail than my previous prop sheets because of the more complexity of the weapons they required more attention when rendering out in different angles along with keeping the ergonomic nature of the designs i had to keep accurate as possible due to some of the grip designs are not common to see.

Spell Book Prop

Working from my 3d render & paint over of my spell book model sheet, even though it isn't perfect with certain elements such as colour etc. I was still able to take the model and designs I have created to reuse  by creating a rendered scene With the book on a wooden table, I managed to do this by using Maya and UE4 combined to create the lighting and composition allowing me to render out the scene to paint over whilst improving upon the detailing of the cover of the book, but my paint over hasn't adapted to this new design as of lack of time, even though rendering out a book isn't as  difficult as I found with the hand cannon model paint over due to the books simplicity, it was still a worth while addition to this submission, even though the stone wall in the background is out of place its a small detail that'll be changed.

Sword In Stone Asset

The Main aim of this was to use what I leant over the past few weeks with rendering out my designs for the characters and props, along with using Maya and UE4 to my advantage to create a sword in the stone inspired prop/asset that can be placed in a scene , or painted over into a scene. As seen both rendering of the 3D model and the paint over were a successful attempt, but it allowed me to see in what areas I needed to improve in such as form, lighting, and depth for example.


These are some of my attempts at building/architecture  tavern design for this submission, with the use of using 3D block outs to iterate upon and render, along with a model sheet, a layout sheet and a interior painting, even though my stylistic building designs, model sheet, and layout were all a positive and visually interesting for this part, I feel the interior painting even though it has perspective, composition, and colour correct, the tables let it down due to the perspective being broken on the table angles, even though thier well painted that rendering is to be desired and improved upon in future.

Overall, I feel that my weapon designs and renders, along with some of my character designs and the character paintings are my strongest elements out of this project, I feel that I have improved a lot under a year since my submission from last year, and I'm hoping to go down the prop deign route in future career choices.

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