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A Bitter Farewell

A Bitter Farewell

Pandiyan Guna
by Pandiyan on 29 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

These are concept ideas and scenes visualization for my original character called Moza the last disciple. Its all started with casual portrait sketch of moza and from there my idea for this character began to shape. It is still under process of development... Hopefully one day I can complete this character arc fully.

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The Lost Disciple 

"In search of great power, He lost his true self "

The character name is Moza.  The scene below is part of his journey where he loses his divine self becomes monster and soul been  depart from his body.  

Scene1: Moza now becomes a monster. The higher force completely absorbed moza's divine soul and banish him from his place.

Scene 2 : The bright light from higher force is too strong that almost blinded his vision.

Scene 3: The Final farewell for moza as he dissolved and turn into a star.

OC character03  - "Moza" portrait sketch and illustration 

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