My 3D works this 2 years

My 3D works this 2 years

Karen Chauvin
by karenchauvinp on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is the resume of 2 years of 3D ! Finished and unfinished works and some explorations.

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Props and some materials. Maya, Zbrush, substance painter and designer. 

Opium pipeChinese opium pipe with pavot pattern in a fake game UI. In game it can slow down and put your enemies into a drowsy state as well as healing your allies thanks to its smoke. 4500 tris. Made in 3 days.

Dagger : Challenge consisting in creating on designer 3 materials to fully texture a dagger (original model)

Old cash registerIt took me two days. 12k tris. Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop and substance painter.

Napoleonic gun : First props with an High and low poly model ---> Baking --> Substance Painter. Optimization challenge with 4.4K tris.

The first character I made, rigged, skined with idle animation. Polycount limitation for the project : 5500 tris + 2000 for the support.

Made on Quill and Medium with Oculus Quest link

 I want to use this type of software to create ready game assets or high poly models. I made a temporary skybox on quill for our graduation project which you can see below.

Celestrail is a VR game on Oculus Quest made with a team of 13 peoples of multidisciplinary fieldsShoot your astral arrows to overcome the fascinating challenges of a mysterious celestial world. In a calm and timeless place, thinking and concentration will be the keys to victory. An experience available in virtual reality!

I hold a generalist role on this project but was mainly in charge of the Bow, ligthing and tech art (trouble shooting and documentation researches).

On this video, FX by Lucie Travaux. You can see my work, the Bow and lighting.

The final version of the Bow with some other blocky proposals. Branches are longer for a better archery feeling. I add one button to emulate more faithfully the Oculus Quest 1 joystick. And I add some details like the energy between branches and emissive on their top. Less than 4k tris. Concept by Florent Boston. After the first sketchfab you can see the first version animated.


Not in game. I have done this level set dressing in addition to the lighting. I use the materials made by Lucie Travaux and meshes made by Alvyne Sebalj.

Lighting by me. Not in game. Concepted by Florent Boston, set dressing and meshes by Alvyne Sebalj and materials, Ball FX by Lucie Travaux.

FX , shader and temporary skyboxes (made in Quill)

Preview shooter liner : 1-2 picture are the final version. The lines and impacts of the preview shooting. Jérémy Péreira scripted it to have different colors and impact for when you aim a target or the environment. Impacts are animated.

In game, the star guide for the first user experience. And some reseaches impacts for the preview.

Fake volumetric light and horizontal fog shader (wasn't integrated due to many issues).

Created on Unreal Engine 4 with a team mate, Alexis Chaudouet . We created a progressive environment based on one of Gimenez's comic strip. I made the spaceship before it crashed (1.10) and my colleague some years after. 

In progress, two environments projects on Unreal Engine 4 and  perhaps UE 5

Project to be finished as a priority : Air plane, stage of blocking. The player wake up in the the back of an aircraft. Passengers and crews have vanished. The character explores the empty airplane through 3 classes's cabins, galway (kitchen), the secret crew rest and in the dark cargo. Peoples are gone but their stuff are still here. I have planned to make some triggers to make the character speak at specific times and create interactions with the environement. I want to create different moods and feelings in the same space, aircraft.

State : Blocking and researches

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