Celestrail  - Graduation game project

Celestrail - Graduation game project

Karen Chauvin
by karenchauvinp on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is my work contributio for our game project in VR on Oculus Quest one. I hold a generalist role on this project but was mainly in charge of the Bow, ligthing and tech art (trouble shooting and documentation researches). We made, with a team of 13 people, this game in less than one year (credits: bottom page).

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Here you can discover my contribution for our graduation project, Celestrail.

Logo made By Florent Boston, our concept artist.

The Bow

Modeling  base on Florent Boston's concept.

He gave me some liberties for the texturing and some details.

The final version of the Bow with some other blocky proposals. Branches are longer for a better archery feeling. I add one button to emulate more faithfully the Oculus Quest 1 joystick. And I add some details like the energy between branches and emissive on their top. Less than 4k tris.

The first version with animation.

The high quality render PBR Versus in game with the URP render pipeline.

Rig and skin

With the help of Rémi Deletrain I made a nodale system for the rig to understand and better integrate it in Unity. Soren Szabo created the code on Unity to emulate this nodale system for a better blend animation. 


I recycled and modified some materials I made in Substance Designer some weeks earlier. I used the first 3 materials, others are researches.


Level selection map

Materials made by Lucie Travaux, meshes and decal by Alvyne Sebalj, skybox and concept by Florent Boston.

The first level with first user experience 

Different lighting steps. Personally I prefer the last version more darker and contrasted. Level concept by Florent Boston, meshes by him and Alvyne Sebalj. Materials by Lucie Travaux.

The second level

You can see the final lighting, the first  version and the point of view without lighting. Meshes, concept of the level and set dressing by Alvyne Sebalj. Materials by Lucie Travaux.

The last level

You can see the final lighting, the first version and the point of view without lighting. Meshes, concept of the level and set dressing by Alvyne Sebalj. Materials by Lucie Travaux.

Other lighting on levels they are canceled.

I have done this level set dressing  in addition to the lighting. I use the materials made by Lucie Travaux and meshes made by Alvyne Sebalj.

Concepted by Florent Boston, set dressing and meshes by Alvyne Sebalj and materials, Ball FX by Lucie Travaux.

Some shaders and FX

Fake volumetric light and horizontal fog shader (it is not in game after many issues).

Temporary skyboxes made in VR with Quill on Oculus Quest link

Fx appearance of the bow.

The  lines and impacts of the preview shooting. Jérémy Péreira scripted it  to have different colors and impact for when you aim a target or the environment. Impacts are animated.

Some researches for line and impact of the preview shooting.

In game, the star guide for the first user experience. And some reseaches impacts for the preview.

Level selection spheres. Concept and mesh. Textures by Florent Boston from his skyboxes.

My first task on this project was to identify what we can do or not in VR. Some time we could find ways around and on other occasions some ideas are just cut. I tested  our work in the headset while keeping an eye on the performances. As game artists, we chose this particular uncluttered art style in order to facilitate the optimization process. We took inspiration in astral universes and brutalism movement

credits to my team members and their fields. School : Isart Digital, Paris, France.

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