Looking for the Duat

Looking for the Duat

by MarioRG on 29 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is a game environment developed in 4 weeks and produced in Blender based on Ancient Egypt. This is just the first stage of the final project I will create in UE for my degree where I will tell the story of the discovery of the tomb and the cursed pharaoh.

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Since I was a child, archaeology was my passion, and becoming an archaeologist was my goal. Through archaeology, I discovered 3D environment design and the possibilities that this offers to this field. 3D is an important part of my life. 3D worlds allow me to combine both passions and that has created my own style. These two different worlds have something in common: I am able to build and tell the story of a place.

My entry in the Rookies is part of the final project I am designing for my degree which is based on the Ancient Egypt. The story is a combination of fantasy and archaeological data which makes it different and special. Volumetric lighting shows you the story of the discovery of the chamber by an infamous archaeologist in the beginning of the XX century.  

The design of the chamber and corridor was modeled in Blender just like vessels, plates, pillars, stele, and cloths. However, the canopic jar and statue are photogrammetric models obtained from scan the world (https://www.myminifactory.com/). 

The texturing process was carried out in Substance Painter. Nevertheless, the wall decoration and the floor were made using alpha brushes and a sand texture from textures.com, respectively. This was the most fun part of the project because I do like painting and this software can keep me engaged for hours. I guess my education in archaeology developed my texturing style which I define as “destructive” because dirt and damage play an important role since in archaeology everything is dirty and broken. Even though my dream is to become a 3D environment artist, the creation of textures is one of my favorite parts of the pipeline. This stage allows me to give life to every object in the scene and create its own personality. 

After working really hard to participate in the Rookies, my skills improved a lot without noticing, so, thank you guys for making me a better 3D artist. 

Finally, I would like to thank my mentor Diego Hernández Camarasa for helping me and sharing his knowledge during this journey, and my best friend Karlos Molinos Pérez, who showed me this amazing world,  for his support, advice, and help. Thank you so much for helping me get closer to achieving my dream. 

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