3D Animated Cinematics

3D Animated Cinematics

by crashjosh on 29 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

I'm a third year Visual Arts student at Breda University of Applied Sciences and I love to work on these personal projects to explore new and exciting topics.

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VFX Sequence with Houdini & Unreal

This project was one of my favourite ones to create. Particularly hard in some stages, but very rewarding once verything came together. It served for me as a good learning opportunity to test out Unreal's cinematic capabilities as well as a structured workflow from storyboard to final render. Logan Byers did an amazing job on the sound design.

Houdini Breakdown

Unreal Breakdown

Horse Simulations

This project started as a collaboration with two of my peers at Breda University of Applied Sciences. For me this was a very good learning opportunity working with models, animations & rigs from other people and working out the CFX / Simulations in Houdini. With this piece as well I was very motivated to bring everything with a bit of shading, lighting & compositing to life. The Rig was provided by Amber van Oosterhout and the initial animation was done by Lizzy Wilmer.

Raw Simulations in Houdini

Short Dystopian Loops

This project was centered around depicting three dystopian ideas all belonging to the overarching theme of "Digital Media". One of the goals I had was to make them work as loops, as I myself really enjoy looping animations.

#1 Consumer

#2 Hatespeech

#3 Overstimulation

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