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Le Cri (The Scream)

Le Cri (The Scream)

by SoleneM on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A dreadful scream pierces through the silence of a sleepy residence. What happened ? The investigation begins...

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Directed by : Charlotte Chouisnard, Ninon Dodemant, Baptiste Leclerc, Solène Michel, Justine Parasote, Anouk Segura-Diaz

Original score : Jimmy Magardeau

Ecole des Nouvelles Images, France - 2020

Sneak peek

Detective Roquefort

Meet Roquefort, our main character ! He leads the investigation with his friends around the residence.

From the storyboard to the final render

Glimpses of the film

The film

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The Team

Charlotte Chouisnard :
Fur / Lighting / Render / Compositing

Ninon Dodemant :
Rig / Layout-Previs / Animation

Baptiste Leclerc :
Modeling props / Texturing

Solène Michel :
Character design / Storyboard / Layout-Previs / Rig / Animation / Editing

Justine Parasote :
Modeling characters, environment & props / Shading / Texturing

Anouk Segura-Diaz :
Modeling environment & props / Texturing / Lighting / Render / Compositing

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