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Environment/Prop art

Environment/Prop art

Hamza Chihabi
by HamzaChihabi on 29 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

I am an environmental artist and this is my first entry for the rookies, I am very excited to do more projects focused on environments because that is my calling in this incredible industry.

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For this project, i created my first environment using Quixel Megascans in Unreal engine 4. I used landscape tools to create height difference then added trees to showcase depth in my scene.

I made a shader to add snow on the tree trunks with some parameters to control the amount of snow on them.

I framed the scene with assets to guide the eyes of the viewer towards my focal point.

For the final touches i used the post processing volume to add some depth of field with a vignette effect and a hint of blue cold color to the fog, all that helped achieve the mystical atmosphere i was aiming for.

This project took me around 50 good hours and i loved every minute of it, so much learned and so much more yet to learn.

For my Arch-viz project, it was all about baking light on realistic assets in Unreal engine 4.

The process was mainly trial and error while trying to get the right feel for the room, specifically the light bounces and reflections on other assets in the scene.

For an exam to test out the game asset pipeline skills we gained throughout the semester, I created this complex case by modeling it in 3dsmax using the probolean technique, then imported it into zbrush to create the high poly version of it and smoothed it out a bit.

Back in max I optimized my model to make the low poly out of it and then took both meshes to Substance painter for the baking and texturing process.

Finally, the presentation was done in Unreal engine 4 using an environment pack while adding lights to the scene and making adjustments here and there.

For my digital sculpting exam,  we needed to make a diorama and I chose this amazing reference to recreate in 3D using  3dsmax to model the block-outs of the assets then Zbrush to sculpt them as closely to the reference as possible.

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