Clémence MORISSEAU - Environment, Props, Rigging

Clémence MORISSEAU - Environment, Props, Rigging

by Kahirie on 29 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Here is a big part of my work between may 2020 and may 2021 !

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Welcome to Delavigne's field ! 

Here is my work for an exercise where I had to do whatever environment I wanted, in only one week.

So I decided to do an outside environment ! A peaceful medieval house in the forest. I did the whole assets from scratch, trying some things on Houdini for rocks. 

For the rendering, I integrated my assets on UE4, and did the whole lighting and composition there.

Welcome to the Fantastic Library !

Enter in the private Library of an old Adventurer, who travelled through many worlds to discover new creatures and cultures.

You will discover his library, but also his taxidermy room, and storage room (on the Youtube video, these two rooms has been made by two other artists)

All the props has been made from scratch, with furniture references. I did the whole level design, level art, composition and lighting. I also have fun with blueprints for the first time !

Process Level Art, from Concept to Gold

Dragon Zbrush sculpt

Showroom UE4

Wireframe Props and modules

Textured props and modules

Substance Designer

Blueprints interaction

Shari'Adun, a mythic sword forged with the communion of Elven's Magic and Dwarve's knowledge of the SteelMoon. It's a sober weapon, without flourishes but runes on the blade. It's an incredibly slight weapon.

It was an exercise where I had to imagine the weapon concept, modeled it, and then textured the sword with only Substance Designer. Rendering was done on UE4.

Welcome to the World of Fortune, the Divinity of .. Fortune, and randomness.
You are one of their creation, but with your "birth" the whole world was corrupt, and the randomness took control of EVRYTHING ! Every actions you're going to do, the success and failure, will be decided by rolling a dice !

You have to escape this comfort but ruins world.

Final Result, In Game Screenshots and beautyshots

Lighting reseach

Readability of the character with lighting research, mood and ambiance research

Concept < 3C < Alpha < Beta < Gold

Stele Process 3C < Alpha < Beta < Gold

Door Process Concept < 3C < Alpha < Beta < Gold

Chest Process 3C < Alpha < Beta < Gold

Rigging of a 2D character on Maya 2019. Each part of the character and equipment has been put on plane in Maya in order to rig them.

All equipment's part are on the same setup to ease the Animator's work.

Outline Post-process Material

Water and falls shaders

Say Hi to the Starman ! I did the rig of this character to train myself rigging biped characters ! Moreover it was a pretty particular moment, I did the rig of "Starman" when Thomas Pesquet was about to take off to the ISS ! That's why I chose this character with the Space X suit on Turbosquid (3d_molier International), modeling and texturing has been made by him.
I did the whole rigging part, the animations, and the little UI test.

Rendering on UE4

Video for the explanation of the Rig

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