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Viktor Colpaert - Entry 2021 - Realtime Environments

Viktor Colpaert - Entry 2021 - Realtime Environments

Viktor Colpaert
by viktorcolpaert on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A collection of 3D environments I worked on in the past year.

28 2020 12
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Sinking Temple

A personal project recreating the artwork of Jeremy Fenske:

Hidden Pathway

A small personal project in Unreal made in the course of a week. I really wanted to just make a pretty environment in UE4 using unreal marketplace assets and I'm quite happy with how it turned out. It's based on the concept by Sylvain Sarrailh:

Test subject: ZERO

Deep underground a scientist has been trying to enhance the human body using less than humane methods, although his experiments are yet to be successful.

This was a project that took over a couple months of my free time, UE4 is used as the engine and all lighting is dynamic. This was my submission into the Grads in Games search for a star contest.

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