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Michel Davison - Rookies Entry 2021

Michel Davison - Rookies Entry 2021

Michel Clare Davison
by micheldavison on 29 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi, I am Michel Davison. I am currently studying at Flinders University/CDW Studios. I hope to improve my skills as a concept artist, and hope to find a career in the industry. Here is my entry of Concept and Fan Art I have done in the past year. Thank you in advance for viewing my entry!

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The characters shown below, are the main characters for my animated series called 'The Cryptic.' The animated series is about being trapped in a mirrored Earth, but the lore is quite different to what we are used to seeing. These characters must do various trivial, mystery solving, and physical tasks in order to escape the world they are trapped in. The purpose of these trials are for the individuals to build character, and find new purpose in their own lives.  I hope to continue the world building of my animated series in the future.

'Juno' is a Rogue Water Genasi, who loves trickery and being the main attraction in any situation. She is a chaotic neutral, and is neither good or evil. She lives for the thrill of danger, and loves entertaining or being entertained. This character was created for a Dungeons and Dragon Campaign I am a part of.

This is my fan art of Joseph Joestar. Joseph Joestar is the main character for 'Jojo's Bizarre Adventure' Part 2. Written and Created by Hirohiko Araki.

I also did fan art of Atom Eve from 'Invincible.' Written and Created by Robert Kirkman and Cody Walker.

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