Character Art - Rookies 2021

Character Art - Rookies 2021

Steffen Salte H
by steffensh on 29 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

I graduated last year from the University of South Wales and have been busy building my portfolio and practicing! Here are 2 of my best pieces and some smaller projects I did along the way. Thanks for the interest!

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Dwarf Heritage Armor

Fan-Art from World of Warcraft.

Concept by Matthew McKeown.

The Electrician

My old job, and a real push for me towards the realistic!

Concept by me.

Various WIP's and Fun Projects

A lot of unfinished work in progress and sculpts, tests and things I've made to get to where I am today! Also some on going projects.

Thanks for your time! 

Stay awesome! :)

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