Erin Dudley - Rookie's Entry

Erin Dudley - Rookie's Entry

by RinRin on 29 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

I am learning to develop my art skills from 3D to 2D. My entry will show various projects I have worked on through my schooling at Flinders, as well as some of my personal pieces.

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For my 3D modelling class, our final project was creating a Winchester radio model as accurate as we could. 

The progress of modelling the Winchester radio was very time-consuming but I was very proud of the final result.

This is the final for my character design class, the brief was to create a character for a specific universe, the option I chose was pokemon. I wanted to create a casino-themed pokemon trainer.

This was my process of creating the casino-themed pokemon trainer before the final version. I wanted to include all suits of cards and have the trainer have some type of matching quality with her pokemon, this was achieved with the pink feather boa and her pokemon's matching pink chest.

Above is some personal artwork I made when I wanted to challenge myself to create a specific feeling and try some interesting lighting. 

Above is a drawing I made for my brother. I wanted to create a futuristic cyberpunk-styled piece. I sketched out multiple thumbnails on paper before going digital, I first coloured the piece in greyscale so that the colour values would be more effective. 

Hope you enjoyed browsing my work :)

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