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Ballad of Yuka

Ballad of Yuka

GJ Pelczar
by gplzr on 29 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A mixed media animated Western film about a cowgirl and an outlaw. A dive into stylized animation, into our heads, and how we love ourselves. Weird bugs wearing cowboy hats. By GJ Pelczar.

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Ballad of Yuka is my senior thesis project, a tale about a vigilante cowgirl searching for a mysterious outlaw. As she looks inside herself and struggles with her mission, she realizes how she must take him down.

Inspired by niche animation and old films, Yuka is a project I did exploring some things I really enjoy as an artist and as an enjoyer of art-- campiness, stylization, mixed media, a love of music and a flair for the dramatic. I also wanted to dive into specific niche topics and emotions that I never really see explored much in animation.

The film utilizes a mixed media style, being shot on film as a backdrop, and compositing in a stop motion protagonist, a 2D antagonist, 3D settings, and more.

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