Cold War Bunker

Cold War Bunker

Zainab Asgari
by zasgari on 28 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

It's the height of the cold war. The threat of nuclear war looms above the heads of American citizens. A young man has built this bunker to keep himself safe from threats. He spends some of his nights alone here, therefore it must be stocked with nourishment, ammunition, and entertainment.

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Detail shots of the scene

Three core assets rendered in marmoset with wire-frame mode on. These assets were the star of the show and carried a lot of the narrative of the scene. Therefore, extra care was taken in their modeling. Texture maps were larger and included a greater amount of detail.

Scene rendered in detailed lighting mode

Wire-frame of the full scene

Mood board, concepts, and research done prior to the building of the scene

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