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My first year as an archviz student

My first year as an archviz student

A collection of my images that I've created the last 9 months, since the beginning of my education at Yrgo. Hope you like it!

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These two images are my result from the Urban Architecture project that my class and I did in collabration together with Motiv studios. These are also my first city based images.

I started doing the streetview image and you can see in my moodboard what my thoughts and ideas was before starting the process. The drone view image is a bonus that I did because I thought it would be a fun challange to make a cool image from above.


My first animation.

I created the area in 3DS MAX and downloaded some props into my scene. After I had render out my animations I added a background photo in After effect and created this movie with its music in Premiere pro.

The bedroom animation is a bonus I did, just for fun.


Here is the second school project I did and the task was to renovate an object that was for sale.

My moodboard.

I wanted a simple and stylish look with neutral and earthy shades.


My first time trying the matte painting techique. A really fun challenge and a great technique to take with me in my upcoming images.

I started with a simple sketch of a simple building. Then I made the environment, just filled with colors to see what it should represent. Then I searched for suitable images to add in my image and started creating my matte painting that would represent Lofoten in Norway.


The task was to build a villa following house plans and create the garden in 3DS MAX as well. It was my first time using RailClone, Forest Pack and Quixel Megascans.

Scroll down to see my "render image" turn into my "finish image".


Here you can see a chair that I model from scratch only using pictures as references. I used 3DS MAX and rendered in Corona.

The chair is designed by Charles & Ray Eames.

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