My first and last project year one

My first and last project year one

by Idaarchviz on 28 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

The first project we received (2020) was "the film festival", which in my case was to make an horror inspired room for interviews in a film festival. The last project before summer break (2021) was to make an animation, where I chose to animate my first horror project.

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My first and last project from year one

I started as a student at Yrgo in the end of august 2020. At the time we learned how to build a snowman to get the feeling of the 3D world. I remember struggling with the different views (top, left, front, perspective) and how they worked together. 

Our first project was the film festival, where I've got the genre Horror. The point of the project was to create a space at a film festival, where they could hold interviews for the up coming movies in the genre. 

I watch plenty of horror movies at the time, to get the feel of lighting and props, and then gathered the information to an moodboard:

I wanted to build an attic with a sharp lighting, with cyanic colors. I wanted the attic to have certain objects that reminds me of a scary movie, like a used rocking horse. The inspiration and creativity had began.

I found a plan for an attic on google, but struggled a bit with scale at the beginning, which took quite a lot of time to solve at the time. This was as well the first time downloading props and therefor didn't know much about textures an UVW-maps, but I relied on my photographic background with a lot of editing in Photoshop, so I knew I could fix quite a lot in the post production.

I've got help from my teacher with MultiTexture for the beams, to get the differences. And then I had to fill the room to make it feel like a real space for an attic, as well as a natural place for the interviews to be hold. 

At the end, I understood that a lot of scenes in horror movies are scary because of sound effects and music. And even if I made details like a bloody hand or the rocking horse move, I didn't feel I've got the whole experience that I would like.

Program used: 3Ds Max, Corona render, Photoshop

The animation project

The last project before summer break 2021 we got the chance to learn animation. The point of the project was to make a short film, with focus on the actual animation rather than making a new scene. It was quite a given choice for me to make this horror scene I always wanted since the first project. 

I should not lie, I was a bit afraid to open up such an old scene and project, but since I didn't know much about materials and scripts/plug-ins it was a clean project. A lot of structure in the material editor as well(!) and had no problem at all working with the scene.

I put out some cameras and made a batch render for about a week, and then added sound effects. This was my end result:

Program used: 3Ds Max, Corona render, Premiere Pro

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