Deep-Sea VR - Underwater Welding Training Module

Deep-Sea VR - Underwater Welding Training Module

Joseph Janssen
by ponytailjoe on 28 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Leading a team of 5 VR Developers, this VR experience is designed to be a training module to teach users about the responsibilities and dangers of being an underwater welder/commercial diver. This experience also incorporates an advanced physics-based gestural swimming locomotion system I developed using UE4 blueprint.

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This was a previous project I developed whilst leading a team of 5 total members. This VR experience is presented as a training module to show users the responsibilities of being an underwater welder/commercial diver and the necessary safety precautions while working in an underwater, pressure-sensitive environment. The experience takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and includes a guided navigation system to assist users as they complete various objectives. Users will primarily swim around the underside of an oil rig and fix cracked/damaged pipes with an arsenal of industry-standard tools. This experience also incorporates an advanced physics-based gestural swimming location system I developed using Unreal "blueprint."

As the Project Lead & Primary Systems Developer of this experience, I lead a team of 5 while utilizing project management techniques such as Agile Development and weekly "Sprints" to efficiently organize and disseminate tasks amongst team members. The development cycle of this project was about 3 months from initial conception to the final product. I was also responsible for developing the swimming locomotion system, various welding interactions, welding tools, UI Widgets, lighting, and weekly regression tests & quality checks. Additionally, I created multiple assets and PBR materials featured within the experience.

Attached is a link to my team's development diary which we regularly updated throughout the course of this project. Here you can see all of the models and interactions featured within our experience at various stages of production as well as view our entire production process from pre-pro, prototyping, and polish.

Dev Diary Link:

Team Members & Responsibilities:

Project Lead & Systems Developer - Joseph Janssen

Technical Lead - Quinn Kuslich

VFX & Asset Creation - Ruoling Xu

Gameplay Designer & Asset Creation - Xavier Rodriguez

Gameplay Generalist & Asset Creation - Timber Robert

Deep-Sea VR Cinematic Trailer 

Deep-Sea VR Full Playthrough 

Level Screenshots

Development Diary Walkthrough Video 

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