Priscilla Quek 2021

Priscilla Quek 2021

Priscilla Quek
by priscillaquek on 28 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello! I am Priscilla Quek. I enjoy exploring different styles and creating concepts to help envision an idea or message. Here are some of the works I done in 2020-2021. Enjoy!

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Hello there!

I am Priscilla Quek, a motion designer and currently a Senior in SCAD, majoring in Motion Media Design. I enjoy exploring different styles and creating concepts to help envision an idea or message.
Here are some of my favorite projects that are done in 2020-2021 and the process behind it. Hope you enjoy them!


Above is a showreel of works done mostly in 2019-2020.

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The brief for this project was to come up with a conceptual piece, based on style and on a subject. My subject is a piece of audio titled "Boopboopboop, type your text here (please)" by Meydän. I explored mixing several styles, making the piece you see above.


After listening to the audio several times and understanding the music genre Electronic and Glitch, I started researching on several styles that I thought would suit the audio. I experimented with glitch via audacity to have a better understanding on how my images could look glitched. Some are used in the piece while for others, I recreated the glitch effects using multiple effects in After Effects. Fast cuts, quick animations are used to emulate Glitch Art. To emulate the CRT look, I adjusted the blending mode of the LED image layer to suit the visual I was going for.

The Last Thing You Said

This piece is Visual Interpretation of a poem titled "The Last Thing You Said" by Iain S. Thomas.


I brainstormed on what the poem is about, what visual language is suitable with the tone and mood of the poem, and abstracting the narrative of the poem. I decided on hand drawn style, using Procreate to do certain scenes and mixed them with keyframe animation in After Effects. I voiced the poem using a USB microphone and removed most of the background noise in Audition.

Don't F**K With Cats Promo Package

After watching the harrowing documentary, I felt that the original title sequence was too long and too focused on the news and the murderer. Hence, I wanted recreate the title sequence to better suit the director's message of the documentary, which was to focus on the sleuthing, the internet culture, and our complex relationship with the crime as a viewer. I also wanted to create short social media promos as the existing promos are long trailers, snippets of the documentary and interviews with the director.


I analyzed the documentary and identified the themes to create a concept. I wanted to keep the tensed atmosphere of the documentary while effectively communicate the themes and avoid obvious cliches that true crime documentary tends to have.
I picked out certain elements to focus on and used them as subjects. I found various assets through various free images sites and used screenshots from the documentary.
I assembled the assets in Illustrator and animated them in After Effects. Using the same assets from the title sequence I had created, I adjusted the visuals to suit the aspect ratio and length for the promos. I also recreated the Netflix Logo Animation for the promos.

Instagrammer guide to 10 courts of Hell

This project is a light-hearted yet dark and satirical infographic of the 10 courts of Hell in the Chinese culture. I was highly inspired by Haw Par Villa 10 courts of hell in Singapore. The challenge I had was to make a morbid topic palatable to all age group. The concept is a tacky tour of the photo or instagram-able spots in 10 courts of hell.


I researched further on 10 Courts of Hell, the Buddhist belief of Hell and the Chinese folk religion version of Hell. I looked into what is the current Haw Par Villa visual design which are modernized illustration of various folklore characters. Unfortunately, Haw Par Villa was closed for renovation when I was doing this project. However, I found some images from 2011 when I went to the Haw Par Villa and there were numerous blog posts on that helped me in my research.


The script is a parody of a tour-like vlog. I voiced it in a way that the tour guide was jaded from work since they done this for a long time and would be doing it for an eternity, but they still had to sound enthusiastic.
I did a rough storyboard to help me visualize the pacing and what assets I would need to create.

To sell the satire, vibrant colors are used to juxtapose with the subject matter, the visual style embraces the cliche of the vector infographic style that is popular in YouTube, the Living Humans characters play into the stereotype of tourists who would go anywhere just because it is insta-worthy, and the characters in Hell are jaded from what they do as they have repeatedly done the same thing for a long time.
The overused YouTube library music is used to amplify the tackiness and satire. 

The assets are done in illustrator and keyframe animated in After Effects. The script is recorded using a USB microphone and removed most of the background noise in Audition.

Thank you!


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