A Fantastic Journey

A Fantastic Journey

by CMBayona on 29 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is some work I've done during my education at Butic The New School, thinking architecture as a storyteller.

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This is a great year learning how to express myself thanks to 3D art design and apply it to architecture and space, where each project can have its own personality. I am looking forward to get better at this and continue this way. Let me show you some of my work.


With this exercise I tried to represent a particular space, where reality and fantasy mix together. Light and color have a big impact here, as I wanted to represent physically this contrast and somehow separate these two worlds, even when sharing the same space.

For this room I clearly separated two spaces, study/lecture and living room, each of which has its protagonist, the book and the chimney. They both represent opposite ideas, so they are one at each end of the room and each one is the center of the two colors present (red and blue/warm and cold). These two spaces are connected by the exterior light, contrasting the warmness of the chimney, and also by the table with the wine and cups, as it is a personality trait of the Lord living here.

So first I stated with the two protagonists, the chimney and the book, and then I surrounded them by other assets and specific lights, creating two atmospheres, and finishing the rest of the model as a draft. Then I decided the camera's position and global lightning, placing as well the atmospherics, followed by a more detailed model and textures, and re-placing objects. Finally, post-production in Photoshop for contrast and lightning to enhance the atmosphere.

Special thanks to Paula (Instagram @pautitos) for this great image, just as I described it, as it symbolizes the Lord living in this house.


This is a practice I've done this year at Butic The New School. The idea was to do an image that represents the flow from nature to architecture, combining them as a path that leads you to home.

With this project we practiced emplacement and distribution of vegetation with Forest Pack. I tried to work on the importance of lightning and environment, combining them with a narration attempt that helps to create a story.

I first modeled the mountain and the house, having Alberto Campo Baeza's project "Grob House" as a reference. Then placed the camera and decided the type of surrounding along with the narrative, so textures and assets were easier to place. Finally, post-production with Photoshop allowed me to create two different atmospheres and sensations playing with the lightning.


This was another practice made this year in Butic The New School. I found it particularly interesting and a very good exercise, as I had to study and analize Fernando Botero's picture Bodegón con Mandolín (1998) from different points of view: space, light, color, perspective, intention and composition. Time spent modeling the objects in the scene and trying to represent the same atmosphere as in the reference was really greatful.

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