Visualized nature

Visualized nature

Jesús Egido
by jesus on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

In this post I would like to show the knowledge I have gained this last year about architectural visualization in butic The New School. To do so, I use two projects from which I show several images.

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The proposals for this contest are two special projects for me which I develop during my studies or architecture. The first one is the Maritime Museum. This is an own design that I made for my final degree project in the architecture school. For the second project I use a design from the Spanish architect Campo Baeza, Casa Grob. In this project I reinterpret Casa Grob design but trying to show the beauty of its location and architecture. Hope you enjoy!


The maritime museum of Bilbao is my own designed project which I prepare for my final degree thesis. The museum is located on the Zorroza peninsula in the Bilbao estuary. The location for this project is located in an enclave surrounded by a river and an estuary, forming one of the most desirable plots of land available in this city.

The project is characterized by being completely open to the exterior through curtain walls and the use of Corten steel slats as elements of light shading. Next to the museum a public space is designed for the use and enjoyment of the inhabitants of Bilbao as well as visitors to the museum.

The model was first made in Sketchup and rendered in Lumion. For this contest the Software used to visualize this project are 3DsMax, Forest, After Effects and Photoshop.

Design - Pleniminary Plan, Elevations and Render. These images represent a summary of what I showed in the presentation for the architecture school.

SketchUp Model Screenshot - Import of the Sketchup model into 3DsMax. The first thing I did to submit the museum image to the contest was to export the geometry from Sketchup to import it into 3DsMax.

Corten Steel Material. Corten steel is the main material of the most characteristic element of the museum, so I would like you to be able to see the work done with the material.

Environment design process. Once the geometry fits with the materials applied, I will proceed to design what kind of landscaping and place the park annexed to the museum.

Views - Maritime Museum


Casa Grob is a project which I performed during my architectural visualization classes.

The project is confirmed by a serie of four images which are based on the design of the Spanish architect Campo Baeza of his Casa Grob. Based on it I make a reinterpretation of the architecture but always trying to show respect for it.

The house is characterized by a complete facade of exposed and painted concrete as well as its focus on sea views from all parts of the house.

Software used to visualize this project are 3DsMax, Forest, After Effects and Photoshop.

Facade Material. The facade of the house is the constructive element that must be correctly represented in these images. Therefore, you can see all the work done to make the material as realistic as possible, adding both different shades of concrete and dirt in the places where it usually accumulates in real conditions.

Views - Casa Grob


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