Fairy Tale Illustrations

Fairy Tale Illustrations

Miray Scheidel
by Miray on 28 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Collection of reworked fairy tale stories produced as university project. During the past few months I illustrated some of my favourite tales while putting own twists and turns to their stories. This is a showcase of my process, ranging from concept scribbles over value- and colour-thumbnails to to the final artwork.

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All illustrations were created in Photoshop.

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Alice in Reality

"Because growing up was way worse than everything that happend down the rabbit hole."

My take on a modern and grown-up version of Alice where drugs like LSD are a new way for her to escape. The illustration shows her in a tripping state, unable to tell where reality ends and imagination begins.

Early Thumbnails, Value- and Colour-Tests:

Red Riding Rebel

"Because it wasn't just the wolf they feared; it was its rider."

This alternative version of Red Riding Hood shows a self-centered and rebellious side of her, ready to fight for everyone who does not obey to her. Instead of reversing their character traits, the idea was to make make the wolf and the girl partners.

Early Thumbnails, Value- and Colour-Tests:

Snow White

"Because I don't just want to be pretty. I want to be pretty funny, pretty smart, pretty strong - why is all that matters how I look?"

This illustration focusses on Snow White's main appearance in the fairy tale, in which she is always referred to as "the fairest of them all". Since there is much more to a person than his or her outer apperance I wanted to show a side of Snow White where she is fed up with being reduced to her look.
While she is trying to get rid of her past by destroying the magic mirrow, she is turning into a younger version of her stepmother, also known as the Evil Queen. Her madness is slowly driving her insane while her hate is poisoning her.

Early Thumbnails, Value- and Colour-Tests:

The 12 Brothers | The 7 Ravens

"Because they thought I could live with a heritage built upon blood and be their picture perfect daughter, when all I ever wanted was to be myself."

This illustration is a combination of two similar fairy tales, telling the story about several brothers who run away from home because their father wants to kill them in hope that his daughter will bring wealth over the family. They escape but turn into ravens due to a spell that only their sister can break.
In my adapted version, she decides to not break the spell and use her brothers as shape-shifting soldiers. Furthermore, she forms a kingdom of her own instead of getting married, breaking with the stereotype and her parent's expectations of a perfect daughter.

Early Thumbnails, Value- and Colour-Tests:


It was a really enjoyable experience to put my own twists and turns to their stories while mixing fantasy with issues that can be found in today's society.

If you´d like to see more of my work, please have a look at my Artstation portfolio!

Thank you :)

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