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Concept Art

Concept Art

Sara Cordova
by Sephi on 28 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is the result of my last two years of studying Concept Art. They are projects full of fantasy and a style inspired by anime, cartoon esthetic, and some fantasy games like dark souls.

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Pray For Your Power is a fantasy game.

We find ourselves in a fantasy world, in this world, there are many different races like elves, dwarves, witches, etc... And there are also gods, these gods have great power but they are not quite immortal, these gods can be created and destroy by faith, the mightiest gods are those who have most believers, if you stop praying for them they could die.

The goddess of chaos manages to survive thanks to a small cult of dark elves, when she becomes more powerful more people start praying for her out of fear.  She wants to be the only deity on the planet.

The Hunger Gamer Redesign.

This project is a redesign for the saga of The Hunger Games. I made 3 Character designs with an illustraciĆ³n of each one.

I also did weapons designs, exterior props, and environment moods.

I love this saga and I wanted to show my vision of these books.

Divine Angels Proyect.

This project is a game about 4 women that have superpowers. They live their normal life but they also have to fight against crime. The idea for the aesthetic is bright and vivid colors and a semi-cartoon esthetic.

I did some of the concepts for this project not all.

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