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Color adventures

Color adventures

Manuela Oria
by manuelaoria on 28 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Selection of projects during the learning period in School-ing

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The first project is based on the design of Marko Brajovic located in the Brazilian part of the Atlantic Forest.

This is an observatory. A place to meet and reunite with yourself and with another species, to look for nature inside and outside us, where everything is in everything.

The Monkey House is inspired in the forest verticality, in the possibility of being connected in a subtle way with the trees and with the innumerable inhabitants of the kingdom of flora and fauna.

The second project comes from the hands of NetSpaceDesign.

Inspired by a natural scene, the idea comes from the second rainbow theory. Creating some kind of intimacy between people and color.

Under minimalism, developing a fluid rhythm space with graphic geometric composition. Originally the space is composed in pastel colors, but in the recreation, I wanted to have a personal touch adding strength and brilliance to the colors.

In this third project, Noke Architects transport us to Warszawa.

Walking into Kopi boutique can feels like being inside of a moroccan tent. Created from one travel to Morocco and French Riviera, this space intends an immersive experience.

The aerodynamic counter, the faint Moroccan pink and terracotta along with a wall that appears to be made of desert sand create a perfect background. All of them with upholstered seats and pufs create an exotic atmosphere.

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