C'est dans la boite  - Short film

C'est dans la boite - Short film

Alexandre Perrière
by AlexandrePerriere on 28 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

"C'est dans la boite" is the short film I did alone last year for my bachelor degree at Ecv Bordeaux

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"C'est dans la boite"

"C'est dans la boite" is a 3D short film I did alone for my bachelor degree at Ecv Bordeaux last year. "C'est dans la boite" means it's in the box in french but it's also a pun which means the work is done.

It's the story of a pirate who's really excited to open the big chest he found ! But things won't go as planned...

Concept Art

Here are the storypainting & color script of the first version of the film where the character wasn't finding the key at the end but a treasure map instead. 

Character design

*"as a pirate, he dream to find a big treasure full of gold to enter in th legend and finally buy a better ship. he never find something until this day !"

Set design

Post Scriptum

Note : It's been an really intense expreience to make this film because I skipped a grade that year and got in the class 1 month and a half later than the others and had to deal with catching up the other subjects and building the graphic bible really fast. I'm really proud of myself to have held the rythm and get that quality as an end result  and I want to thank all my familly, friends and teachers who believed in me ! 

Thank's for watching, and I hope you liked it.

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