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Wall-e & Eva - Recreation

Wall-e & Eva - Recreation

by JanaPuj on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Recreation of the Wall-e movie poster. Modeling a complete static scene with Autodesk Maya.

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In the Lightbox Academy Master in Modeling we were asked to recreate a static scene. I recreated the poster announcing the Wall-e movie Disney Pixar.

The textures of Walle, Eva, the bench, the lamppost and the fence were made with Substance Painter and the texture of the stone was a procedural one. The image in the background is a frame taken from the film at the moment Eva's rocket lands on Earth. The whole scene is covered in a red fog to simulate the pollution, just like the movie. The fog was made in post-production with Adobe After Effects.

In total, the work was carried out in approximately 7 days during Christmas 2020-2021.

Wall-e full view.

References used.

Thanks for watching it.

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