My second year at YRGO

My second year at YRGO

by twankbucket on 28 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Here are some of the recent projects I've made alongside my studies, I wanted to display my practices within animation, more detailed shots, but also creating a quick concept.

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The Portuguese Roots chair.

An animation I made for a chair I modelled, it was made using 3DS Max, Corona, After effects, Premiere and Audition.

The process was long mostly due to render times, so the room for errors where quite slim. To have a clear image of what I wanted to create and to ensure that no time was wasted, I drew up a storyboard beforehand with camera angles, movements ideas of DoF and so on:


An apartment I made based on the project "Esplanaden" Designed by Winghårds architects. They where made using 3DS Max, Corona and Photoshop.

I used these plans and also had references for the materials through a detailed brochure:

Finding the first angle:

One day challenge:

I wanted to challenge myself creating one render in one day, I choose the Metro YMCA Workplace, by Bora Architects + LEVER Architecture. It was made using 3DS Max, Corona and Photoshop.

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