Alian Gun

Alian Gun

Rui Pang
by ruipang on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi, My name is Rui, I am glad to present you with my latest personal project, which was done after graduation from my Uni. I was responsible for all aspects of this work, The whole process was to follow the VFX production methodology.

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This work was inspired by the Alien gun in District 9 Movie, the aim of this work was not only to improve my 3D modeling and texturing skills but to learn from others' fantastic concept art, trying to assemble my creativities together to develop my own version of it. I chose this reference because  I like how they make the weapon with a very cool Sci-Fi feel; The color scheme they used was a high contract bright tone to present the aesthetic of the alien technology. I also learned how to make the machined looks and details of the hard surface structure.

The tools I used were mainly on Maya for modeling, UV layout, Lookdev; Mari, substance painter, Zbrush for detailing and texturing, and V-RAY for rendering.


>>>Breakdown Images:

>>>UV Layout

>>> Maps used in this project:

>>> The Reference Concept Art:

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