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First steps

First steps

Alberto Navarro Sánchez
by albertonavarro on 27 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Set of works during my course at Schooling

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This is the set of projects I have been working on during my course at Schooling.

The first work is inspired by  the project "Screen Pavilion", a visitor center located in Hangzhou (China). Designed by Ray & Emily Studio, in 2020, it consists of an area of ​​66 m². It has allowed me to practice different types of modeling, as well as the definition of an environment designed by me. The use of light in each render has played an important role in the design process.

This apartment located in Poznan (Poland) created by ZONA Architekci in 2016, has an area of 80 m². Managing the light and the harmony of the different materials has been the challenge in this project.

The Reims 502 project has allowed me to face the difficulty of playing with indoor and outdoor lighting at the same time, as well as modeling some types of furniture. The restaurant, located in Santiago de Querétaro ( Mexico) and called "Banal", was created in 2019 and has an area of ​​610 m².

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