Tiffany Tsang - Concept Art

Tiffany Tsang - Concept Art

Tiffany Tsang
by tiffanytsangart on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Currently a student at CG Spectrum, I've created these pieces under the guidance of my mentor. This is a collection of the character and environment designs that I feel best represent my progress as an aspiring concept artist.

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Caveman Game Design - Level:Beginner

The island was made of smooth, flat rock with a gentle stream of emerald water flowing over its edges into waterfalls that dissipated into the expanse below. Two tall trees stood on either end of the island, vines swaying in the breeze with leaves like tiny puffs of cotton candy. The necessary materials for basic survival were available if one put the effort into crafting them. Looks like we've got our work cut out for us!


Standing near the edge of the cliff, her eyes followed along the bridge suspended by rope, leading to a small island. She squinted her eyes, struggling to make out the larger, dark shadow that loomed further in the distance. Suddenly, a strong wind swept across the sky, clearing away the clouds to reveal two more islands, one significantly larger than the two before it. The largest island was blanketed by a field of grass dancing in the wind and dotted with trees of different shapes and sizes. And standing atop the highest rock formation of the island, like a proud statue on a plinth, stood a windmill, demanding the gaze of any passerby fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of its splendor.

The Fallen Dwarf

He is fated to live in darkness and in shadow, seldom walking among the living - his figure only to be revealed to an unfortunate few, and his presence will be felt as nothing more than a chilled breeze. Rumours of this dark dwarf have spread throughout the land like a stifled whisper. Be warned, for this fell creature is not to be taken lightly. When the dark lord summons him, the Fallen Dwarf understands none but obedience, and all who witness the axe of the Fallen are doomed by its unrelenting judgment.

The Wizard Apprentice

She wasn't quite sure where to start, but she knew that whichever road she took would change her life forever. Still, as a young wizard apprentice, it was hard to decide on something after being thrust into the world to fend for her own. She looked at the fuzzy raccoon familiar that danced about her shoulders, and decided that she would start her journey with what she knew best - nature!

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