Texture & 3D Modeling Showreel

Texture & 3D Modeling Showreel

Fong Zhen Soon
by zhensoon on 28 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi, my name is Zhen Soon! I'm here to share my art work when I was during UNDO Academy.

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"Never despise yourself,  when you get lost, please remember your dreams..." That is what I learn from Undo Academy.

Aquatic Monster

My creature modeling with the concept Blade & Soul | Aquatic Monster by Jae Wan Choi.  Remember when I start learning zbrush I was very confuse. And what I can say now was - keep passion for all thing you interested, you will achieve success you never thought of your life.

Hall of Shu

A environment modeling with the concept Hall of Shu by ChaoyuanXu. I very like the concept with china style, because the concept may have a long history and mystery when you imagine.

GAZ-33081 Sadko

Truck modeled in Maya, texturing in Krita & Substance Painter and rendered in Arnold. I have make a compositing in Davinci Resolve.

Robot Stegosaurus

A robot stegosuarus with the parts of the Transfomers. I modeled in Maya and rendered with Arnold. This was my first project during at the academy. Miss that how we know each other and learn together.

Shortfilm stuff

Before we gradurate we having a big project was making a shortfilm. Thanks to everyone who always gave the guidance and encouragement to us. In the end, I just wanna say to all the team members: "You guys are amazing, thanks for being a part of my life my friends".

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