Bahmbar and Smilodon

Bahmbar and Smilodon

by floreargt on 27 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is 2 of my main project of the year. I have tried to focus my work a bit more on creature and grooming . The first project is a 3d version of the Bahmbar concept of Bobby Rebholz and the second one is an interpretation of a Smilodon. Thanks for looking!

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The first project is the Bahmbar, a 2d concept of Bobby Rebholz .
The main inspiration for sculpting the anatomy was a real Giraffe . The sculpt was done in Zbrush, the texturing was done with mari and for the Fur and the rendering it was Houdini.

The goal was to do a Smilidon . I've made the sculpt, texturing, shading, Grooming and rendering.

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