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Light Up The Shadow Play

Light Up The Shadow Play

by AnsonTanWeiChiat on 27 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

People do not understand the story and the art form of Wayang Kulit and think that it is not relevant hence outdated, causing this tradition to fade in millennial generations. Light Up The Shadow Play is an interactive VR experience of Malaysia Traditional shadow puppetry.

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Utilizing Virtual Reality for the millennial to immerse into the virtual setup allowing them to experience the context and to feel relevant again. With the engaging storyline and interaction, users can truly immerse themself in the virtual world. The guides provided allow us to experience how to perform as a puppet master. 

Light Up The Shadow Play Simulation Video

The simulation video projects the difficulties that the art is facing and how can this interaction are able to give hope to our traditional shadow puppetry. Besides, this simulation video introduces how we are able to immerse ourselves into the virtual environment and learn to become puppet master by scoring and completing the storyline. 

Light Up The Shadow Play Concept Board

Process of the entire game development.


Special Thanks to Fusion Wayang Kulit for allowing me to create this amazing project that gave hope and brings the art back to life. 

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