The Last Of Us inspired matte painting & more

The Last Of Us inspired matte painting & more

Fred Latham
by fredlatham on 27 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A collection of environment and character projects worked on whilst at university. Documenting my ideas as I progress from initial concepts to more finalized pieces of work. I hope to show great attention to artistic fundamentals as I aim for more visually appealing designs demonstrating the zenith of my abilities.

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Personal Project: The Last of Us inspired environments

This is my personal project created whilst at university with the brief in mind to create matte paintings inspired by The Last of Us and Naughty Dog's highly rendered house style. With goals to improve upon my fundamentals, I tried to pay particular attention to my use of colour, composition and lighting as I strived to improve my accuracy to gain that matte painting aesthetic. My process began with initial ideas represented throughout thumbnail sketches towards a more finalized piece.

Overgrown shopping mall scene:

My second environment created under this project. In order to produce this piece, I began with use of Blender to create a basic 3D block out of my scene. I found working in assistance with 3D to be very useful as I was able to manipulate objects and navigate within a 3D space, presenting the opportunity to work from a range of perspectives once the model was complete. From here I was able to better represent the overgrown elements further through use of image bashing and texturing with a key focus on correcting my light source.

Post-Apocalyptic London Liverpool Street:

For my final environment, I wanted to work from photographs I had taken firsthand. Testing my skills at photo manipulation of a pre-existing scene by turning my environment post-apocalyptic. I found application of my previous knowledge gained whilst working on my other scenes to be greatly beneficial, with texturing being a key technique used throughout the piece.

Character exploration:

In the lead up to my trailer park scene I wanted to experiment with a range of character designs I could incorporate. I figured adding a character into my scene would help provide some context to the environment whilst also providing a sense of scale. I tried to carefully consider the types of clothes worn not only for aesthetic purposes, but also functionality too within this post-apocalyptic world. Image bashing proved to be a successful technique when doing so and something used frequently throughout Naughty Dog's own concept art.

CDChallenge: Middle Earth

A recent challenge I took part in to improve upon my character studies. For this competition, I had the brief of creating fan art/ redesign of existing characters from the canonical Tolkien's Legendarium or Peter Jackson's movies. The character I chose was a Uruk-Hai. When producing this piece, I wanted to focus on improving my character workflow, so decided to work in steps similar to that of the way Marc Brunet renders his own characters. This involved working in outlines, flats and shading before combining the three.

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