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Lamplighter Character Concept

Lamplighter Character Concept

This is a project where I tried to push myself in visualization not only in the character design but also in coming up with a background for the character and how she would fit into a hypothetical video game.

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The characters designed are intended for a E 10 game called Tentō (meaning “Lit” as in “to light a candle”). The world of Tentō is set in an ancient Japanese garden that is home to several tōrō (stone garden lamps) villagers. The villagers thrive together in the oversized garden world and light the surrounding area as long as they are together. However, villagers who are on there own in the dark gloom surrounding the garden are unprotected and often get lost and begin to loose their glow. It is up to the Lamplighter to search for these lost lamps and reignite their lights and lead them back to the village. By solving puzzles, exploring the vast open world and battling shadows, players will be able to gradually experience the entirety of the world of Tentō in challenging, memorable fun. 

The heroine is the Lamplighter; a young girl who has been tasked to and the lost tōrō villagers. She is kind, determined, and fearless; ready to plunge into the darkness alone to do her duty and maybe make a friend along the way.

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