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Showreel 2020-21

Showreel 2020-21

Omkar Nagarkar
by TheVexelator on 27 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is a glance of my 3d work which I have created during this and past year. Glad to share with you all.

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These are some of my 3d works created while learning animation. Got some more work on my pages. Do visit.

Funny Lamp Animation

Inspired by Pixar Lamp intro, made a funny animation with some classic sound effects

Framebott 2.0

Was working on CGI short film, but could not complete as second wave of pandemic hit us. Later on retextured the character I made and named it as Framebott 2.0 as it was created at Frameboxx School of Animation

These some shots of the short film

Retextured Framebott 2.0

A contest work for Razer Blade and Nvidia Creators

Getting with the basics

Among Us Artwork

Study Table

Interior Designing

Personalized Gaming Room

Lamborghini Taurus

A personal project on conceptual brand advertisement animation

If you are reading this, Thankyou for going through my work. Means a lot.

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