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Concept art and imagination

Concept art and imagination

Ale López
by AleRaven on 27 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi everyone!! I invite you to see my work of aventure, fantasy and terror.

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This project is about a Narrative Adventure video game where 5 characters with different abilities, personalities and skills travel around the world looking for an Ancient Artifact to discover a lost culture.

It has been one of the projects that I have enjoyed the most, besides the fact that we were trying to get a lot of work done in a very short amount of time.

This was my final project. We were given a topic that we had to develop and create a section and a common language that we would later use in Enviroments, Pops and Character Design, etc.

The topic for this project in particular was Medieval Fantasy.

I made a main character and a secondary character, trying to push the design as far as possible. Making acting and different color explorations for the main character.

It was a project that left me wanting to continue exploring the creation of more content. I enjoyed it in its entirety and I did not rule out the possibility of someday explore it in depth and personally.

This project is a Survival Horror video game that relates how the noted painter Francisco de Goya faced his internal monsters (which were the result of what he witnessed in war and society) fighting to survive.

The Saturn's Character Design was a collaboration with Tomeu Riera (co-worker and friend); he did the final details such as textures and rendering.

This particular project was the longest one I have ever worked on. Being part of a team among so many Concept Artists and talking to other departments was a new and exciting experience.

Finally, this last project is the most personal one. We had to pick a book of our choice to generate concepts, I choosed Penpal, a Horror/Thriller and the debut novel of the American author Dathan Auerbach, published in 2012.

Since the book already has an official Logotype, it has been used as graphic support all through the creative process.

The drawing style finds it's origin from contemporary creators of Horror content for juvenile auciences.

Since the core of the story revolves around events that happened during the main character's childhood and adolescence, the protagonist and other characters have different ages throughout the narration.

As a result of all the work, I sought to make a re-edition of the cover that would relate the events that the story tells.

The work that has been done on this project has been rewarding to me and to date is still in progress. I am very excited to finish it and polish it to do justice to a story that is one of my personal favorites.

Thank you very much for taking the time to see my work up to here!!

Have a nice day and see you soon.

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