Culinary Coalition

Culinary Coalition

A top down cooking-themed bullet hell. You play as a young man in a chef costume who was mistaken by aliens for a real chef and abducted on Halloween night. Taken prisoner in a space arena, you must dash, dodge and deep fry your way through this deadly cooking game show to please the alien food critics.

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 - A thrilling and satisfying combination of cooking alien food and dodging bullets
 - 2 chaotic levels, offering short but sweet and fruity, action-filled gameplay
 - Engaging characters, from the judges and their villagers to the cooking show host himself
 - A unique treat of a world of four distinct food cultures and planets
 - Difficulty options for wider accessibility

Play the game here!

It’s Halloween night, and you’ve gone trick or treating in your brand new chef costume! Suddenly, a bright light appears in the sky... wait, that’s not a light! That’s an alien spaceship!

Taken prisoner as a real chef by a bunch of hungry aliens, you find yourself in a space arena. Now you must dash, dodge and deep fry your way through a deadly cooking game show.

Meet the inhabitants of the different planets (and most importantly all of the food critics!) as you cook your way through the show. If you want to find your way back home, you must please them all with flavourful meals.

Project Development

Picture 1:
An early prototype including a blockout of the first level. Here we were still implementing the core gameplay loop of the game. At this stage, the player had to collect 3 specific ingredients that were fired amongst bullet patterns, cook them, and serve them on a table.

Picture 2:
Building the lighting for the scene immediately elevated the prototype, we were able to suggest a time of day and mood for the scene, as well as make the game space clearer to navigate for the player.

Picture 3:
We iterated on the blockout by including stadium stands filled with spectating villagers. We begun implementing our art assets as well as overhauling our cooking system design. Now the player can serve any ingredients in the aim to fill the judge satisfaction bar. Different combinations of ingredients will give you more points!

Picture 4:
At this stage some UI art had been implemented. We also added a new mechanic – the hatcuum! The hatcuum allows players to suck in bullets to protect them from harm. Set dressing had also begun as the arena had received new untextured models and textured props.

Picture 5:
The final result! Here we have all UI elements implemented, full textures and set dressing, as well as complete game mechanics and player feedback. The final game is two levels long and challenges players to compete in a deadly cooking game show.


Team Twitter -

Joe Brown Narrative & World

Jamie Carnell - Music & Sound FX, Production

Jacob Gibbins - Design

Cole Gilbert - Programming

Emily Howell - 3D & Concept Environment Art

Sasha Kuznetsova - 3D & Concept Character & Environment Art

Thomas Neill - Animation

Nathan Oladipo - Design, 2D Art

Luke Pearn - Design

Amelia Pegrum - Concept Environment Art

Edward Peters - Programming

Eddie Pocock - 3D Environment Art, Main Menu Art

Lewis Reynolds - 3D Environment Art

Luke Ryan - Programming

Oskars Samovics - 3D & Concept Character Art, UI Art

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