The Necromancer: Lord of the crypt

The Necromancer: Lord of the crypt

Daniel Pérez Diez
by DanielArts on 27 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

The Necromancer is an ancient Priest who horrorified saw the nightmares and deaths of war, and so he used the forbidden knowledge of the library of the ancient kingdom of Birdlatha, to return to the world those fallen in battle, in exchange for his own soul.

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Face variations for the final version

Final Sketch for "The Necromancer"

Acording to the story telling of this character i choose to combine 2 of the first sketches to show the horror and mighty of this character

Initial Sketches

I made several sketches on paper and choose those which represent the combination between death and priest in the best wey

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