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DOOMed Project

DOOMed Project

by kaeyrien on 27 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Super excited to share my recent project, which was heavily inspired by idSoftware's DOOM and DOOM Eternal, hence the name. It consists of two parts, an environment, and a weapon.

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DOOM Environment

This environment is based on different levels from DOOM (2016). The goal was not to necessarily create the perfect scene but to learn and build as much of an area I could within 4 weeks. All steps from modeling, texturing up to the final scene were done during this time. It was the first time handling so many different assets and objects in one scene as well as properly using Unreal Engine. This gave me the opportunity to experiment and work with different aspects and tools within Unreal. This included for example lighting, animations and blueprints.


The model itself was modeled in 3ds Max following the High to Low-Poly workflow. In this process, I tried to reuse as many assets as I could in different areas for example the pillars along the walls. These can be found throughout the whole environment with slight adjustments. All elements together have a polycount of roughly 25.000 polys. The texturing was done in Substance Painter. Some materials were created in Unreal Engine, for example, the emissive material for the lights.


These are some of the materials created for the project, using both Substance Designer and Painter. For some, the reason was to match the reference more closely, while for others it was important to keep a consistent look throughout the scene.

Super Shotgun

This is a model of the super Shotgun from DOOM Eternal. It was the first time working with a more complex asset using the high to low-poly workflow. The goal was to recreate the Shotgun as closely as possible to the original in the game.


The high and low-poly models were created in 3ds Max using the Open Subdiv workflow. Additional details such as battle damage, ornaments, and runes were sculpted in zBrush. Baking and Texturing were done in Substance Painter. Some materials were created beforehand in Substance Designer and adjusted in Painter, for example, the leather material for the grip.

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